Monday, 15 February 2010

Talent search!

Have you got what it takes? We are searching for hidden talents to be featured on this blog, whether you are great at making sceneries, have an amazing album, or a stunning medoll, then enter our talent search! We will feature the winning medolls on this blog, so if you think you are a hidden talent then enter now!
Write your stardoll username in the comment box or in the topic in our blog club (SOSD-blog) and we will look at you on stardoll and pick the winners!


  1. Meee! Can I enter? hehehe :D

    Username: KCarmae


  2. Oh and I love love love that banner, so creativeee!! <3

  3. idk if this really counts but i can hang upside down for 3 hours with out fainting or blood rushing to my head

    username Dottieee18

    and i make pretty good senarys

  4. heyyy Dani its me Stacey didnt know you had a blog i followed ;)
    really cool banner and everything :)